Providing true value to others

Society at large seems to have a strange idea of what success means. The bottom line that decides whether someone is successful or not generally comes down to how much money that person is making. It doesn't matter so much whether they're happy in their work, whether they're helping others, whether they're contributing to making the world a better... Continue Reading →

Refuse to manipulate others

We all feel those elements of confusion, disgust and anger when we realise we're being manipulated. In our relationships, manipulation is seen as a very bad thing. If someone tries to shape your response by acting in a certain way or saying certain things, if you feel like that person is trying to 'pull your... Continue Reading →

How to deal with burnout

Burnout is a sense of cumulative emotional fatigue that can render you feeling frustrated and emotionally exhausted beyond your own ability to continue your work. Any time we have a set of goals we're working toward, are sustaining a concerted long-term effort toward any achievement that requires daily self discipline or pushing ourselves to do things that... Continue Reading →

The search for self-validation

We all have a need to feel like what we say and think and do matters. Sometimes, when we don't receive this validation often enough in our childhoods, we may go to great lengths to try to fill that void in our adulthoods. When you feel as though no one is listening and no one appreciates... Continue Reading →

Take little, make much

Society tells us a lot of things that aren't true: we need a lot of money to achieve anything; to make money you must spend money; money brings us happiness; if we don't have money, we are powerless. As a result of these messages, we may think of ourselves as helpless, especially if we don't have a... Continue Reading →

Living and working with purpose

I recently read an article by a lady asking whether it is alright if she only wants a 'mediocre life'. She then went on to describe her slower- and simpler-than-average lifestyle and defined mediocre as 'striving for excellence'. Looking at her blog I noticed that she's a hardworking business woman and mother and it's obvious to me that... Continue Reading →

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