Share your voice with the world

We all have deep inner truths, feelings, opinions and thoughts and while it would benefit both us and the rest of the world to communicate our point of view, often as women we do not. One of the things I like to focus on is helping women to make their voices heard - their true, inner... Continue Reading →

What happens if I quit?

Sometimes it can seem very enticing to give everything up and walk away, and it is important not to just push those feelings aside. Feeling frustrated and hopeless is something that happens to most people at some point or even at many points, especially when beginning or working towards a new venture. But pushing the feelings... Continue Reading →

Living and working with purpose

I recently read an article by a lady asking whether it is alright if she only wants a 'mediocre life'. She then went on to describe her slower- and simpler-than-average lifestyle and defined mediocre as 'striving for excellence'. Looking at her blog I noticed that she's a hardworking business woman and mother and it's obvious to me that... Continue Reading →

Dealing with naysayers

One of the things I found somewhat shocking when I was first starting out in sculpting and doll making was the lack of support from others. When you are learning an art, whether it be sculpture, painting, writing or something else, you expect people will naturally be interested in what you're doing and encourage you to keep... Continue Reading →

Work smarter, not harder

If you're anything like me, you have a million things to do on any given day. You're taking care of people, you may have a house to run, you might have a job. As with just about any other person in the modern world, you are probably short on time. Asking more from yourself on... Continue Reading →

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