Understand your priorities

The word 'priority' refers to things that hold greater importance to a person than other things. Meaning, if your children are more important to you than your car, your children have greater priority. I've covered some ground on priorities here already, and the reason for this is that understanding what your own priorities are and... Continue Reading →

Working from a foundation of integrity

  The overarching purpose of this website is laying out how to bring satisfaction and joy to your life. I believe this is done by realigning all aspects of your life to your core values, those standards we all have of what is truly important to us. Our integrity, the inner strength we cultivate to live... Continue Reading →

Needs versus wants

Humans tend to have a pretty good awareness of our physical needs; food, air, water, shelter, warmth, sleep. Once we move beyond the basic survival-level requirements, though, we reach a slightly fuzzier area where people may become confused. The inability to differentiate between things we actually need and things we merely want in the moment is a... Continue Reading →

Providing true value to others

Society at large seems to have a strange idea of what success means. The bottom line that decides whether someone is successful or not generally comes down to how much money that person is making. It doesn't matter so much whether they're happy in their work, whether they're helping others, whether they're contributing to making the world a better... Continue Reading →

Refuse to manipulate others

We all feel those elements of confusion, disgust and anger when we realise we're being manipulated. In our relationships, manipulation is seen as a very bad thing. If someone tries to shape your response by acting in a certain way or saying certain things, if you feel like that person is trying to 'pull your... Continue Reading →

How to figure out what your true values are

Throughout the early years of our lives we are taught certain ideals by our parents, teachers and others around us. I learned from my parents to value kindness, patience, respect, obedience, Godliness. From my teachers I learned to value creativity, quietness, tenacity and intelligence. From my peers I learned to value popularity, attractiveness, wealth, friendship and so on.... Continue Reading →

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