Seeking advice and being open to critique

This website is dedicated to trying to help my readers to learn how to use their creative power to change their world. Everything ties back to this connection between creativity and business and the way in which the two can interact to create change in your life, empowering you to direct your life in the way... Continue Reading →

What to do when you lack support

As social beings, humans require a strong support network of other humans to function at our best. Generally speaking we rely upon each other for encouragement and validation, something which is apparent in us even in early infancy. We rely on the support of others throughout our early years, our educations and in many of the things... Continue Reading →

How to deal with burnout

Burnout is a sense of cumulative emotional fatigue that can render you feeling frustrated and emotionally exhausted beyond your own ability to continue your work. Any time we have a set of goals we're working toward, are sustaining a concerted long-term effort toward any achievement that requires daily self discipline or pushing ourselves to do things that... Continue Reading →

The search for self-validation

We all have a need to feel like what we say and think and do matters. Sometimes, when we don't receive this validation often enough in our childhoods, we may go to great lengths to try to fill that void in our adulthoods. When you feel as though no one is listening and no one appreciates... Continue Reading →

Take little, make much

Society tells us a lot of things that aren't true: we need a lot of money to achieve anything; to make money you must spend money; money brings us happiness; if we don't have money, we are powerless. As a result of these messages, we may think of ourselves as helpless, especially if we don't have a... Continue Reading →

Minimalism: a tool or an obstacle?

I have noticed a surge in popularity of the practice of minimalism in recent years. Perhaps you have noticed this too. It's very normal for parts of society to have some sort of pendulum-swing response to imbalances in our culture. In this day and age where we are (sometimes quite literally) buried in stuff, such a... Continue Reading →

Recognise your tools and get them in order

Usually when we are feeling particularly trapped in our circumstances, our many responsibilities feel like entrapments. You may feel like you should be spending time doing other things, maybe even things that you enjoy, but here you are washing the dishes for the four hundredth time today. You may resent time spent out at the clothes... Continue Reading →

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