About Values Based Life

Hello and welcome to Values Based Life. I warmly invite you to dig in deep here and find what is useful to your life and your goals. My name is Deborah Randall and I’m the owner of this site. As a mother of eight young children as well as an artist and a highly driven, creative and productive person, I have a deep desire to help other creative women discover and harness the power that is found in their creativity.

There are endless websites out there that can advise you very knowledgeably about any number of specific topics, but this site is a bit different. My focus here goes a bit wider. As mothers, we typically have a huge range of things we have to continually balance and many things we constantly have to juggle. You may be able to find great information all over the internet on saving money and getting out of debt, getting your housework done, making money from what you love to do, time management, dealing with distractions and so on. But as a mom you know that you have to figure out how to manage everything that is on your plate. Only then can you make progress to the life you want. And maybe you feel trapped right now and overwhelmed by all of your responsibilities.

My intention with Values Based Life is to bring it all together. I want to give you a complete resource to help you figure out how, as a woman with all of your many (often competing) responsibilities, you can craft your goals and achieve your dreams. 

If you’ve ever asked:

  • How can I earn an income for my family when I’m doing my best just to keep clean clothes on their backs and good food in their tummies?
  • How do I figure out what I want to do?
  • How can I make a profit from what I love to do?
  • How can I use what I have available and turn it into much more?

…then congratulations, you’re my target audience. 

I have to warn you here, this path is a long one and it will require a lot of hard work and self discipline. You may find yourself needing to wake up earlier and work longer. You will probably have to make some (more) sacrifices. It will take time before you begin to see any financial profit from your work. But if you are one of the many women who, like myself, is longing to see where your own strength, determination and creativity can take you, this website is for you. I’ll be here to help guide you, step by step, to a unique creative pathway that will make your life better. One where you use what you have to create what you want. Join me.

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