Let go of outdated ways of doing things

There are many ways that we can get stuck in a rut with our lives, and find it difficult to progress. At times, unfortunately, we seem to put more pressure on ourselves by clinging to  obsolete ways of doing things, and it pays to look at each of our operations with fresh eyes. If your day is crammed full... Continue Reading →

Seeking advice and being open to critique

This website is dedicated to trying to help my readers to learn how to use their creative power to change their world. Everything ties back to this connection between creativity and business and the way in which the two can interact to create change in your life, empowering you to direct your life in the way... Continue Reading →

Share your voice with the world

We all have deep inner truths, feelings, opinions and thoughts and while it would benefit both us and the rest of the world to communicate our point of view, often as women we do not. One of the things I like to focus on is helping women to make their voices heard - their true, inner... Continue Reading →

Working from a foundation of integrity

  The overarching purpose of this website is laying out how to bring satisfaction and joy to your life. I believe this is done by realigning all aspects of your life to your core values, those standards we all have of what is truly important to us. Our integrity, the inner strength we cultivate to live... Continue Reading →

Needs versus wants

Humans tend to have a pretty good awareness of our physical needs; food, air, water, shelter, warmth, sleep. Once we move beyond the basic survival-level requirements, though, we reach a slightly fuzzier area where people may become confused. The inability to differentiate between things we actually need and things we merely want in the moment is a... Continue Reading →

What to do when you lack support

As social beings, humans require a strong support network of other humans to function at our best. Generally speaking we rely upon each other for encouragement and validation, something which is apparent in us even in early infancy. We rely on the support of others throughout our early years, our educations and in many of the things... Continue Reading →

What happens if I quit?

Sometimes it can seem very enticing to give everything up and walk away, and it is important not to just push those feelings aside. Feeling frustrated and hopeless is something that happens to most people at some point or even at many points, especially when beginning or working towards a new venture. But pushing the feelings... Continue Reading →

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