Changing the pendulum-swing work mindset

If you can relate to the tendency to swing back and forth between periods of massive hustle and activity, to periods of sluggishness, slow movement and hesitation, you will benefit from this post. Many people, especially creative folks, tend to operate this way and it is fairly natural for us to have fluctuations in the... Continue Reading →

Find your art (Art Series)

This website is dedicated to trying to help my readers to use their creative power to change their world. Everything ties back to this connection between creativity and business and the way in which the two can interact to create change in your life, empowering you to direct your life in the way you want... Continue Reading →

Assess your performance

Let's talk about focus for a minute. We don't necessarily want to become performance-driven people, because putting all of your focus on achieving a certain level removes your attention from things that are most likely more important to you. This may be your relationships, your mental health, your physical health and so on. So we... Continue Reading →

Exercise self discipline

If you are someone who sets New Years Resolutions at the end of each year, do you find that you meet your goals? Or do you have to set the same goals every year because you let them slip out of your hands each time? Perhaps you go into the year full of motivation to... Continue Reading →

You will get stuck

I have to be honest with you here, I'm sitting in this exact position right now. I'm stuck. Everything I do feels like I'm just spinning my wheels. I don't feel energised, I don't feel motivated, I don't feel like I'm doing a good job, I don't feel appreciated. It happens. It happens to all... Continue Reading →

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